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Verdad for Todos

For the crime of ecocide and mass murder, China Rose pronounces BP GUILTY. This is my verdict…

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Every BP exec, manager and supervisor & every BP employee that kept their mouth shut, lied, sneered, joked, minimized, evaded, took part in the cover up or proceeded with the initial Deepwater Horizon Project in spite of known risks, and every politician and judge who took bribes, allowing them to proceed with this lethal, catastophic project or allowed them to take over the recovery process, and kept the public out of the loop are to be suspended in the Gulf of Mexico, in a soup of toxic oil, dispersant, methane, and salt water for a term of their natural life. They will watch seabirds covered with oil struggling to fly but being sucked down into the waves. They will watch all the once-glorious panoply of rich sea life falter before their eyes. Sharks, rays, dolphins, jellyfish, whales and hundreds of thousands of diverse types of sea life will slowly suffocate and in agony thrash about and float to the top, to swirl around in vast eddies of death. They may glimpse beautiful and rare birds, pelicans, egrets, cormorants,herons, gulls, plovers, and 1000s of other native birds, fish and crustaceans, gasping, thrashing and slowing dying in pain and confusion. Meanwhile, migratory birds – vast flocks as far as the eye can see, will falter and succumb to starvation. Millions of creatures will die.

Those who depend upon the sea for their livelihood throughout the Gulf Coast, Mexico, the Carribean and along the coast of the US — and possibly beyond will have their lives irreparably ruined if not utterly destroyed.

Let us only hope that the sufferings of those responsible for this unfathomable and unredeemable catastrophe will be millions and millions of times worse than all the people and living creatures they have murdered. This is murder that goes beyond any previous description of murder. It’s murder of God’s creation and murder of the hope for the future.

May they all rot in the Gulf swill until they are dead, then rot in Hell forever….


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Written by chinarose

June 19, 2010 at 3:51 pm

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