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The Simpsons in Israhell

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Season 21, Episode 12 is entitled “Greatest Story Ever D’Ohed” The Simpsons take a trip to Israel…  Check it out!  I couldn’t manage to upload the video itself, but you can access it by clicking here


Satiric, well-meaning, somewhat funny, but strangely empty…  Most of this episode’s barbs are aimed at religion rather than the Occupation, the inherent racism of the Jewish state, or its apartheid policies. The idea that a religious conflict between Judaism and Islam is the reason for “the conflict” is essential  hasbara. According to this mindset: remove the religion and you end the violence.

Anyway, it is worth a look if only to remind ourselves how little truth is allowed on the airwaves — even in the form of comedy . Yet, after sixty years of media blackouts on the true nature of Zionism — any treatment of the “real” Israel (even in an animated comedy) could be considered an improvement.

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